Mutual massage allows you to participate actively in the experience of interacting with the masseuse.
For those who have never experienced erotic mutual massage on their body and are a little shy about the session, we recommend trying it at least once.
During the massage you can interact with her breasts, her curves, her buttocks and even other areas guided by her.
Before it is your turn to massage the masseuse, she will take some time to teach you how to properly touch her, teaching you various types of massage strokes. As the second part of the mutual massage begins, you will be responsible for the masseuses body, while she massages you simultaneously.
This can be a very erotic experience for both the client and the masseuse and can also be a very good way to learn how to give a proper erotic massage by the therapists teaching methods and how to perform certain massage strokes correctly.
This, therefore, makes mutual erotic massage a great way to de-stress and learn the art of erotic massage.